About Us

The Diamond-Investment fund invests in developing businesses focused on large and timely markets. Our motivation is to build valuable companies that contribute to global sustainability and the improvement of human wellbeing.

We focus on technology based business that represent great opportunities but also allow us to unlock hidden value which we share with our investment funds and partners.

The diverse international experience of our team enables us to develop opportunities throughout the world. Our investment strategies and network of relationships provide us with extraordinary deal flow quality. Technology foresight enables understanding of future asset values and returns.

Our portfolio companies address global markets including sustainability, energy, information technology, media, data management, healthcare, industrial efficiency and improved natural resource use.

Our Company HQ is located in South Africa, with a partner satellite office in the EU from which we carry our European operations.


Our current emphasis is in Africa and the Caucasus where our philosophy aligns with government focus on sustainability, a rapidly growing market and businesses eager to innovate and adopt improved management practices.

Led by Dr. Robert Broekhoorn (Founder and CEO) and his brother Marcel, our management team includes other successful entrepreneurs and individuals with substantial experience as investors and fund managers across a range of technology sectors.

We join with local partners where this strengthens our investment management team and opens up a flow of superior transaction opportunities.

The success of Bookham Technology Inc, (in which the fund was one of the very first investors) in becoming the world leader in optical components manufacture for data and telecoms components is an example of the experience and success of the team. Growth stage investors in the business achieved exceptional returns.